Are We a Fit?

Because of the deep investment we make in our clients, we spend time up front evaluating the fit between us.

The client we best serve...

…seeks to build an online audience using relevant content grounded in authentic expertise.

This is our sweet spot—clients who want to build an online “tribe” responsive to the ideas, products, and other content unique to the industry or topic. This client tends to share our business values, which facilitates a great long-term partnership.

…is looking for a long-term partnership.

From the inception to the launch of your website, we take care of it like it's our own. Because we know your needs so well, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals through ongoing technical support, maintenance of website health and security, content marketing advice, and analytics reviews.

…works through a point person.

When you have a committed team member—maybe even yourself!—who is available for timely answers to questions and ready with specific feedback, the collaboration works smoothly to ensure that we get you to production on time.

As a small business owner, I was overwhelmed with the tech side of what I needed to learn.  Having Magnified Web partner with me smoothed the path to getting things up and running, fighting spam bots, and quickly getting back in through lock-outs so that I could concentrate on the stuff I really wanted to: my writing and teaching.  If it weren't for them, I'd still be spinning my wheels with the most basic of sites and wasting time trying to learn new systems rather than doing the work I love.  They are my go-to for any marketing advice and are my most trusted resource.

Alicia Christian, Food Blogger

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