10 Ways to Add Credibity to your Website in 10 Minutes or Less

10 Ways to Add Credibility to your Website in 10 Minutes or Less

Trust and Credibility are Critical to Your Website's Success

When people land on your website, you may or may not get a chance to talk to them. This means your site needs to stand alone as a sales tool. Infusing your site with trust and credibility is mission critical. Fortunately, there are several small tweaks that can be made to increase the credibility factor of your website right now.

Without further ado:

1.  Your contact info is easy to access on your website.

People expect to see a link to your contact page either in the upper right-hand corner of your site, within the main navigation, or in the footer. Be sure you have contact information easy to access. Don’t make it difficult for people to get a hold of you.

2.  Your contact information should be thorough.

Not only should your contact information be easy to access, it should be thorough. For example, if you have separate support contact information, be sure this is clearly listed in the same general area as the main contact info. When thorough contact information is withheld, people become skeptical about the credibility of the business.

3.  Get rid of formal language, technical words, and jargon on your website.

Check out this guide for plain language. Plain language writes with clarity and brevity. This is your goal online. People should not have to think too hard to understand what you offer. Keep it clear. Keep it simple.

4.  Do not have any spelling errors or typos on your website.

I like using Grammarly. This tool catches a handful of mistakes right up front. You can also hire a copywriter or editor. (Upwork is a good place to find copywriters/editors.) It’s worth it to invest a little money because spelling errors are a surefire way for someone to question your competence.


If you speak to your audience in all caps, particularly in paragraph or description text, it can be difficult to read. IT ALSO LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING.

6.  Add pictures of your staff and/or your office.

If people can’t see who they’re working with, it adds a barrier to trust. You need to remove any barriers to trust. Show your face and that of your staff. It reminds people you’re human too.

7. Have your SSL certificate setup on your domain.

You’ll know if you don’t have the SSL certificate if you don’t see a little green padlock icon (example shown below) in the URL bar when you are visiting your website. If you don’t, call your hosting company or webmaster to see if they can set up an SSL certificate on your website for you. You will need to take care of this regardless. We are seeing more and more sites where Google is tagging them as "unsafe" because they do not have their SSL certificate.

8.  Show current activity on your website.

Whether it’s a press release, a blog post, or recent activity pulled in from your social media platforms—it ups the trust factor if people can see you’re active.

9.  Add a testimonial to a sales/services page.

Testimonials are the salt that brings out your value. Use them in moderation everywhere as opposed to having one page of testimonials. The testimonial is an added trust element that says, “See? We are who we say we are. Others say so too.”

10. Add a compelling statistic about your company or industry.

Similar to a testimonial, a compelling statistic adds to your credibility. Pro tip: Don’t bury helpful statistics deep within a block of text. Find a way to call that information out in a meaningful way.

What would you add to this list? What have you seen on a business website that gave you an instant sense of trust?

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April Mann

April Mann used to be co-owner and Digital Marketing Strategist for Magnified Web. Now she currently works at ESRI as a Web Content Specialist. Get more from April on the Magnified Web blog.

April Mann, Co-owner of Magnified Web
April Mann, Co-owner of Magnified Web

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