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How to build a smart website: Know their pain, speak their solution

How to Build a Smart Website: Know the Pain; Speak the Solution

(Part 2) How to Build a Smart Website: Know their Pain; Speak their Solution Share this: Share this: It's the Antidote for Getting Lost in the Noise of the Internet Allow me to start by ...
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How to Build a Smart Website gears in a lightbulb header background

How to Build a Smart Website: Introduction

How to Build a Smart Website: An Introduction Share this: Share this: Spoiler: It starts way before design Over the next several weeks, we are going to lay out a process that will put you ...
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Plugin Roundup - A few of our favorite plugins

WordPress Plugin Roundup

WordPress Plugin Roundup Share this: Share this: WordPress has a whopping 50,224 plugins! At least, that was the count when I checked today. This leaves you with a whole lot of decisions and possibilities. (A ...
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Choosing best plugins for your website

How to Choose the Best Plugins for your Website

Choosing the Best Plugins for your Website Plugins Can be Persnickety. Use These Guidelines to Choose the Best. (Check out last week’s post here if you’re wondering, “What is a plugin?") It can be daunting figuring out ...
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What is a plugin?

What is a Plugin?

What is a Plugin? A wealth of possibilities for your website! In the office, we’ll dream up possibilities we could do with a website and usually that line of conversation ends in: “There’s probably a ...
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6 Reasons “The New Guy” Has the Advantage in Starting an Online Business

Six Reasons "The New Guy" has the Advantage when Starting an Online Business Larger, More Established Companies Find Audience Building Difficult I stepped into my first job as an Internet marketer nearly a decade ago. ...
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