Why WordPress?

With so many options out there to build a website, which one will serve you the best?

Magnified Web uses WordPress as one of our platforms to build websites.  Why? The resources available, the reliability of the platform, and its scalability for complex web needs make it a great choice for any size business or entrepreneur.

7 Reasons I Can Confidently Recommend WordPress

1. Highly Customizable

Many know WordPress as a platform for bloggers. Maybe you did not know you can use your WordPress website to:

  • Include a storefront that accepts secure payments through your site
  • Create a membership to share your exclusive material
  • Share your knowledge through creating an e-course using a learning management system.

WordPress can accomplish just about any task needed from a website—design or otherwise. Not to mention, browser compatibility is baked right in.

2. Free Website Creation Tool

WordPress is a free website creation tool and it's probably the most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.  While it is free, how much money you invest in your website will depend on what you decide to use to assist your website’s capabilities.

Meet and learn more about WordPress.

3. Sometimes it's a Good Idea to Join the Bandwagon

Many notable companies use WordPress. Check out just a few of the companies who built their sites using WordPress; Dole, Houston Zoo, Walt Disney Co., BBC America, Sony, and The Walking Dead.

You can rest assured knowing you are choosing the right website builder platform using WordPress.

Top colleges use WordPress as their base to share information.  Check out this beautiful site The University of Maine has!

4. There is a plugin for that!

There are plugins galore! (Check out our previous post on How to Choose a Plugin.) Because WordPress is such a successful resource with over 52,000 plugins, you can find powerful features to build into your site. There is a marketplace of developers who have built technology to make your site a powerful, digital machine.

For example, WooCommerce is a free e-Commerce store ready to set up within your WordPress. You can add products and accept payments. Various add-ons with licensing fees are available to those needing additional functionality.  Sometimes those licensing fees can be a bummer—but in the end, it's worth it to have a team of developers behind the plugin and you receive support when you have questions.

5. You Own Your Website

Once built, you own your WordPress website.  This website can be moved from place to place. And by ‘place to place’, I mean a hosting company who houses your website on their server. If you find issues with one host, you can move your site to another…it gives the hosting marketplace for WordPress healthy competition.

Recommendation: One of the few hosting companies we trust is An Honest Host.  Their support and service is top notch and their servers handle WordPress websites with the latest technology, both of which are important to our work and clients.

6. Create a Beautiful Design! And again... And again.

You can create beautiful designs! Get tired of the design you have? You can change out the design of your site using a different theme without having to start all over.

A website design can get tiresome over the years and sometimes needs a new paint job.  You can keep the powerful engine under the hood, plus the content you spent your hard work on, yet change out the look.


Screenshot of CALRO Website

The screenshot above is our current client, California Association of Labor Relations Officers.  We are getting ready to launch their new site for them this week and as you can see, the design is classy and fits their organizations branding.

7. Support and Resources Available

You won’t find a vast WIX or WEEBLY community to help you with building your website. With WordPress, there is a community to support you!

WordPress has an incredible community  of support out of all the platforms out there.

In addition to support you can find online, there are local WordPress Meetups every month in most densely populated areas.  These Meetups are free and valuable to your learning.  They encourage you and many of the developers who attend will help you with issues you might be having with your site.  I personally have been a recipient of receiving help with issues from these amazing techs, so I can vouch for their helping hand.

These Meetups are free and valuable to your learning.  They encourage you and many of the developers who attend will help you with issues you might be having with your site.  I personally have been a recipient of receiving help with issues from these amazing techs, so I can vouch for their helping hand.

Here are a couple in the Riverside area:

INLAND EMPIRE WORDPRESS MEETUP They meet the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7pm in downtown Riverside.

Check out the next time and place.

WOMEN WHO WORDPRESS MEETUP: I am co-organizer for this new WordPress meetup for women called Woman Who WP in the Inland Empire and it is starting this month, Oct. 2017.  We will be meeting the 2nd Thursday of every month.

To join the next meetup, click here.

WORDCAMPS: With WordPress, you will find WordCamps scheduled each year, all over the world, dedicated to teaching you the best WordPress practices for the beginner to the advanced user.  The cost for these tickets range from $25 to $40 for a whole weekend of training—pretty darn affordable!

Check to see if WordCamps are coming to your area.

GOOGLE UNIVERSITYLastly, there is what I like to call, Google University.  If you search for anything from ‘Beginner in WordPress’ to ‘x plugin having issues with x problem’, you will most likely find a post or resource which will help you solve your problem.  There are Facebook groups devoted to specific topics within WordPress.  The desire others who have gone before you to help is vast.

There is comfort in knowing you can trust WordPress.

WordPress is perfect for the DIYer who has the drive, who can navigate around software, and patience to build while they learn.  I also believe it can prove to be a valuable tool for a business who needs a website to scale with their growth.

If you have an employee in your business who has some tech-savvy, they certainly can dive in there and find the training resources they need to build a company site.

If you do not want to build your own site or have an in-house employee do it, you can hire an agency like us, Magnified Web.

We partner with you and build a scalable, smart website that will serve your business for years to come.  You will appreciate the variety of choices you have with a website built by us.  Whether you want to be trained to manage and maintain the site yourself after it has been launched or if you continue to hire us to be your tech team while you run your business, we are flexible and will find the right solution for you.


Lisa Garner

Lisa Garner is co-owner and Web Architect for Magnified Web. Get more from Lisa on the Magnified Web blog or connect on Twitter.


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