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We create appealing websites that creatively and compellingly tell your story to turn visitors into buyers.
Website SEO Optimization

Your Website Is Your Primary Sales Tool

It serves as both your sales pitch and lead generation tool. It is your safety net. Is it successful for you?
Does your website connect with or confuse your audience?
Is your website an important source of income or just a pretty decoration?
Is it easy for users to navigate or does it cause frustration?

Creating Websites is Complicated

With over two decades of experience, Magnified Web has created tailor-made solutions for every type of business. Let us handle your worrying questions.
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Your Problems / Our Solutions

We enjoy a challenge.
Our portfolio of more than 50 websites is proof of it.


The design of your website will be structured so customers find your products easily and see their benefits. You’ll also get a company dashboard to help you manage inventory and shipping.

E-Learning (LMS)

Learning Management System websites focus on displaying the value of your courses. User registration and a variety of course access options helps ensure that the learning platform is simple and creates a structure focused on profitability.

Service Based Business

A well-designed website shows the community why you're the best for the job, and conveys how your approach is different from others in your industry and local area.


Non-profits must serve the purposes of both attracting potential new members and sharing your important work. Conveying your vision and passion for your service is critical to success.

Membership Sites

You have a premium service or select content you only want members to access. We can help you create a dynamic website to develop your community.

SEO Optimization

SEO is a key component of success for any business. When a website is optimized with SEO in mind, Google can't help but rank you higher in search engines and bring more qualified visitors to your site.

Transform Your Website to Get Results

After only 3 months of our SEO sprint strategy, our client was able to see incredible results. We took careful considerations and produced an absurd output.
*real-world results
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Why Choose Us?

Have a Team on Your Side
Magnified Web works closely with you and your business to build and maintain your website.
Increase Traffic & Conversions
Your website will be constructed to convert visitors into returning customers.
Great Design
Have a website that is not only functional and profitable, but also reflects your company’s branding.

Our Process

Work with an experienced guide through every step of the process.

Discovery & Site Architecture

During the discovery phase, your business’s main objectives and goals are pinpointed through questionnaires and one-on-one meetings in order to create a website that is tailored to you.

Design & Development

A visually distinct website is created with your company’s objectives and values in mind. Website development begins once the branding and graphics are approved.

Launch & Beyond

After optimization, thorough testing, and your final blessing, the website comes to life and becomes your new sales tool.

We Become an Extension of Your Staff

Our team works closely with your business through the entirety of your project. We learn the dynamic of working with and for your company, while guiding you through the website design process. This becomes a partnership to meet your goals for an excellent website.
Nicholas Arce
CEO / Web Developer
Lisa Garner
Founder / Web Strategist
Learn more about Magnified Web and our journey to improve our clients’ websites.
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